• Emptying all poolside and pump baskets

  • Testing and adjusting water chemistry

  • Brushing sides, steps & benches as needed

  • Skimming all leaves and debris from surface

  • Removing all debris from pool floor

  • Emptying automatic cleaning bag (if applicable)

  • Vacuuming as needed

  • Checking all equipment to make sure all is in good and working condition.

  • Back-washing sand/diatomaceous earth (DE) filters as needed.

*Deep cleaning of tile line is not part of service

Tired of spending your weekend cleaning your pool instead of enjoying it?  Let us do the work for you! Call or Email us today for a FREE quote.  We provide weekly cleaning services for residential and commercial swimming pools, spa and Fountains.  No long term contracts to sign, just quality service. 

Benefits of being a weekly maintenance customer:

  • Priority appointments for repairs and assistance. 

  • Annual or Quarterly discounts

  • Discounted packages for filter cleanings and salt cell cleanings

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