Butcher’s Swimming Pool Supply & Service offers commercial pool services to a variety of commercial clients in the Houston, Galleria, and W. University areas who have come to know they can trust us to keep their facilities clean, safe, and compliant to all government regulations. Whether you require a detailed maintenance and cleaning package or an upgrade or update of your existing commercial pool and spa equipment, we will assess your needs and work with your team to design a customized solution. We can also take care of any water features at office buildings or commercial properties that are in our service area. Contact us today to get started!

Some of Our Commercial Clients

  • Houston Astros
  • Uptown Park
  • Plaza in the Park
  • South Main Baptist Church (20+ years)
  • St. Luke’s United Methodist Church (30+ year)
  • Saint Street Swim

  • Grace Bible
  • Bayou Lofts
  • The Lighthouse of Houston
  • Houston Museum of Natural Science (20+ years)
  • Apache Corp (Post Oak Central)
  • BLVD Place
  • The Arabella Houston
  • Houston Country Club (20 years)
  • River Oaks Country Club (30+ years)
  • Greenway Plaza (30+years)
  • Post Oak Central (30+ years)

Pool Cleanings

Our commercial cleaning services can be customized to fit your exact needs, and include:

  • Vacuuming and Skimming
  • Equipment Maintenance as per Manufacturer’s Requirements
  • Backwashing of Filters
  • 24 Hour Emergency Call Line Provided to Existing Customers

Commercial Pool Maintenance

We offer a wide range of customizable service options to keep your facilities looking beautiful and your pool systems running efficiently.

  • Chemical Testing, Water Maintenance, and Proper Record Keeping
  • Complete Warranty Repair on All Major Brands of Pool and Spa Equipment
  • Salt Chlorine Generators Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
  • Complete Water Analysis and Treatment
  • Pump, Filter, Heater, UV and all Other Equipment Maintenance
  • Lighting and Electrical Diagnosis and Repair

Equipment Upgrades

Outdated or damaged pool equipment can put a strain on the rest of the system, spiking energy consumption and potentially costing your community thousands of dollars. If your number of residents has grown significantly since the installation of your pool and spa facility, the pool and spa system may be struggling to keep up with the increased bather load. This condition could result in persistent cloudiness and other water chemistry issues. Our repair staff can meet with you and assess your current system to ensure it is still meeting the needs of your community and recommend system upgrades.

Commercial Fountains

Fountains or water walls are a great way to create a beautiful, eye-catching focal point in front of your facility. These features can also provide great ambiance at night when you accent them with LED lights. Butcher's Swimming Pool Supply & Service also provides maintenance for any water feature on your commercial property.