Honest, knowledgeable, and good service.

Anon A.

Absolutely brilliant customer service. Came in with a rear broken part for the hose. They took it from a brand new kit so I would have it immediately. Thank you!

Thor L.

I know this company for years. Always the best Customer Service, great explanation of the problem, and any needed parts you can find there (even not being their customer). The staff has worked for years too and knows the specifics of your pool and any other instructions. I tried to switch to other companies/providers for economic reasons and both of my pools became a disaster, equipment was stolen from the line, no returned calls, etc. I went back to Butcher’s Pool and now I am their most loyal customer.

Helen P.

I have always been very happy with Butcher’s. They have a great service department and can solve problems quickly and at a reasonable price. I recommend them to anyone that asks.

Robert T.

Great customer service. Very helpful in solving the issue with my pool. They also have great pricing.

Chad C.

I have been a loyal Butcher’s Swimming Pools customer since I built my pool in 2010. I have never owned a pool before, and so I rely heavily on their advice and check with them often to make sure that my pool chemicals are where they need to be. We are “do it yourself” pool owners and do not have regular service with any pool company, but we rely on Butcher’s for periodic maintenance on the filter, pump and also vacation servicing/cleaning. They are prompt and friendly every single time. Just recently, I had managed to clog my line with leaves while cleaning. I called on Monday morning and they worked me in that very day, even with a full schedule. To top it off it was raining REALLY bad outside and the techs were still friendly and were able to fix the problem that day. I am very appreciative to have found Butcher’s. They treat every one of their customers like they are their best customer. And they make it seem like we live in this teeny tiny town. When in fact they have tons of customers but you would never know it. They treat everyone awesome. Thank you Butcher’s Pools!

Laura B.

The employees are personable and professional. Great customer service! I will continue to do business here.

Robert B.

They always have exactly what I need for my pool and at a fraction of the prices that you’ll find at Leslie’s!!

Aaron G.

I’ve managed two different commercial properties in the Galleria area with water features, and Butchers Pools was my vendor for all things water-related for many years. One property had a large fountain that acted as a landmark in the area, and it was always sparkling clean, no issues. The second property had a much smaller water feature but acted as a centerpiece for the property. At the second property, I had inherited another vendor who has horrible customer service, was not maintaining the fountain per the agreement and once Butchers came on board, it was determined the motor was in the process of seizing up. Butchers – in freezing cold temps of January – dug into the fountain, cleaned it up, and had it functioning properly within a few months. Whitney and her husband are wonderful to work with! They are a family-owned / operated business and understand the importance of customer service and relationships.

Nancyrae S.