I have been a loyal Butcher’s Swimming Pools customer since I built my pool in 2010. I have never owned a pool before, and so I rely heavily on their advice and check with them often to make sure that my pool chemicals are where they need to be. We are “do it yourself” pool owners and do not have regular service with any pool company, but we rely on Butcher’s for periodic maintenance on the filter, pump and also vacation servicing/cleaning. They are prompt and friendly every single time. Just recently, I had managed to clog my line with leaves while cleaning. I called on Monday morning and they worked me in that very day, even with a full schedule. To top it off it was raining REALLY bad outside and the techs were still friendly and were able to fix the problem that day. I am very appreciative to have found Butcher’s. They treat every one of their customers like they are their best customer. And they make it seem like we live in this teeny tiny town. When in fact they have tons of customers but you would never know it. They treat everyone awesome. Thank you Butcher’s Pools!

Laura B.